Inflatable Skeleton Lovers

Posted: August 30, 2022
Inflatable Skeleton Lovers
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Spooky season is coming up, and these Inflatable Skeleton Lovers - the Boning Bones, if you will - are the perfect front yard decoration to, er, erect if you want to offend and piss off the Karens in your neighborhood. But you know what I'm thinking, dudes? Why stop at Halloween decor? If you want to make a real statement, and stir up some proper shit, why not make these dead boot knockers a permanent lawn ornament installation? They'll be like the inflatable Ghostbusters Ecto-1 I told my mama to put in her yard, but even better!

The Inflatable Skeleton Lovers have built-in LED lights so passersby won't miss out on exactly how busy they're getting even after dark. Dimensions are - thank you, Baby Jesus! - life-size at 5.5' tall x 4.9' wide at the ass view x 6' wide at the side (i.e., the best) view.

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