Guinea Pig Halloween Costumes

Posted: September 16, 2019
Guinea Pig Halloween Costumes
$3.99 - $6.99
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Isn't being a guinea pig enough? Storing food in my ever-moving puffy cheeks, providing cuddles upon request, and generally looking adorable? Now I have to wear a Unicorn Halloween costume to please you too? If you wanted a unicorn as a pet instead of a guinea pig, why didn't you just buy a unicorn instead of a guinea pig?!

Given how I feel about you right now, making me parade around in this pink onesie, weighed down by a horn on my head, dragging a poofy rainbow tail through my shavings, I'd recommend this unicorn.

According to PetSmart, these Halloween costumes fit "most small pets," which I'm guessing in addition to guinea pigs includes chinchillas, rats, iguanas, and maybe a really fat hamster or one of those teacup yorkies. Even with adjustable velcro straps I can't imagine the costumes can size down enough to fit smaller rodents, or up enough to fit most puppies.

I'd also say good luck getting your guinea to stay still and allow you to garb it up as a unicorn, shark, mermaid, bumblebee, superhero, etc., but as we learned in 2013, guinea pigs are down to play dress-up. Especially when the costume is scale-mail armor!

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