Fortnite 17.5 Ft Battle Bus Inflatable

Posted: April 24, 2019
Fortnite 17.5 Ft Battle Bus Inflatable
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Battle Bus? Looks like a Fortnite Party in My Front Yard Bus too. Why restrict this giant inflatable's lawn time to Halloween and birthday parties? If you're a Fortnite fan - or have a kid you owe big time for forgetting to pick him up at school those couple times last week - show your fandom loud and proud.

And tall. And long. The Fortnite Battle Bus Inflatable stands 17.5' high and extends 18' long.

Also pretty sweet in this blow-up replica are its 11 rows of windows and big ol' hot air balloon attached on top. The bad news: the Battle Bus is a standard inflatable, not a bounce house. Your feats of stealth and strategy will have to remain on the Battle Royale field outside.

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