Beetlejuice Airblown Inflatable Car Buddy

Posted: October 01, 2021
Beetlejuice Airblown Inflatable Car Buddy
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While I appreciate the idea of a Beetlejuice Inflatable Car Buddy, looking at this Beetlejuice Inflatable Car Buddy from Gemmy makes me wonder: What the Otho Fenlock is that amoebic green half-horseshoe snot mustache running across his lip, and down one side of his face? I mean, I know the Beetlejuice in the movie had patches of, like, green mold on his face, but it was patches. Patches. Plural. Spread over his whole head and neck. Here we have a Beetlejuice with a single, inexplicable trail of...something...that somehow looks even more revolting than the death and decay growing all over Michael Keaton.

Guess that makes the Beetlejuice Inflatable Car Buddy an even better ride-along Halloween decoration.

And don't worry, lonely drivers, after Halloween is over, you can always replace your Beetlejuice Inflatable Car Buddy for a Grinch version.

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