9-Foot Alien Abduction Inflatable

Posted: October 11, 2023
9-Foot Alien Abduction Inflatable
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Bad news: the 9-Foot Alien Abduction Inflatable does not include the pictured inflatable cow getting beamed up into the UFO for its inevitable anal probe. Good news: you can get an inflatable cow that will fit inside the inflatable beam here. Even better news: the 9-Foot Alien Abduction Inflatable is designed to allow you yourself to stand inside its inflatable beam! Or to stick your stuck-up Aunt Jan holding your personality-disordered cat Zanzibar inside its inflatable beam, while you pray for some Halloween magic to go ahead and suck them right up!

Maker Joiedomi further enhances the close encounters of this most excellent Halloween decoration with built-in LED lights, so its alien abduction can not only be seen, but will look even more eerie and realistic at night. The UFO inflatable comes with extended cords and ground stakes for securing it, and includes built-in sandbags for stabilization. The IP44 air blower is also built in near the base of the waterproof fabric.

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