35-Foot Inflatable Michael Myers

Posted: August 25, 2022
35-Foot Inflatable Michael Myers
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Halloween Ends is coming to a streaming service near you, and possibly to your kids the moment they see this 35-foot inflatable Michael Myers in someone's yard when they're trick-or-treating this year. And in both cases, my sense is that the best adverb to describe how Halloween Ends will be "badly." I mean, series almost never finish well, and as for the kids...damn. Thirty-five feet of Michael Myers lit up and looming above, swaying in the wind with what's gotta be an 8' chef's knife dangling from his hand - that's enough to scare the snack-size Snickers out of a grown-add dude like me.

Made by Kevin Malinski of JK Antiques, the supersized inflatable Michael Myers depicts the slasher extraordinaire as he appeared in the original 1978 Halloween film. Complementing his gargantuan height are width and depth measurements of 8 feet.

JK Antiques can also sew Michael in smaller or (gulp) larger sizes by inquiry and request, and appears to accept custom orders for those who would like to add a 35-foot Jamie Lee Curtis to complete their Halloween decor.

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