Supernova Bluetooth Speaker & Lantern

Posted: May 14, 2023
Supernova Bluetooth Speaker & Lantern
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The Supernova is coming to blast you out of your bedroom...with sound and light. Though possibly also with advanced mecha weaponry controlled by AI. Could really go either way these days.

Made by GravaStar, the Supernova is a combination Bluetooth speaker and lantern that pairs 25 watts of sound with a trio of immersive lighting effects. The 3" full-range speaker and 0.5" tweeter are made to deliver deep bass, clear mids, and crisp highs from anywhere. In particular, GravaStar recommends taking the Supernova camping, since its handle clips easily to packs, Bluetooth connection extends over 65 feet, and Camping Light Mode mimics the flickering effect of a campfire.

For indoor use, you can choose from Dynamic and Single Color Light Modes, the latter with 8 different hues available. Go full Dynamic in light and sound by getting two Supernova Speakers and connect them for stereo pairing. A great gift for teens and sci-fi fans.

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