S.T. Dupont James Bond Spectre Lighter

Posted: September 21, 2016
S.T. Dupont James Bond Spectre Lighter

The name's Bond. Flames Bond. Quick, here's a couple grand to spend on ST Dupont (the French luxury brand, not the US polymer one) loot. Do you go for the James Bond Spectre lighter or the Star Wars TIE Fighter pen? I'd pick the lighter. It's easier to carry in my pocket and will almost certainly make everyone think I'm the coolest when I whip it out at parties. Even when it takes me 7 or 8 tries to get the flame to catch.

The butane lighter here is ST Dupont's black matte PVD version of its James Bond Spectre 007 Premium Collection release. You can also get one in a Palladium finish here. Both have a nifty snail shell spiral design that terminates at a bullet hole in the center of the lighter. The hole is real too, though probably not from a bullet. The spy-worthy piece also has a secret compartment at its base for storing encrypted messages, safe codes, and your home address for the Uber driver in case you get too drunk to remember it.

Each Spectre Lighter is numbered out of 1963, an edition number ST Dupont chose to reflect the year the Spectre first appeared, in From Russia with Love.

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