Squid Game Doll Shooting Alarm Clock

Posted: October 21, 2021
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Red light, green light, wake up! Or prepare for the Squid Game Doll Shooting Alarm Clock to eliminate you. ... OK, she'll just pelt you with a foam bullet, but still. This piece of Squid Game merch might be the creepiest yet.

Set the alarm on the Red Light, Green Light Doll Alarm Clock, and when your rise-and-shine hour hits, she starts belting the Korean kiddie song from the Squid Game TV series. And then. She turns her loaded head towards your sleepy one, opens her mouth, and FIRES!

And I thought the Shock Clock wearable alarm clock and Skull 113dB sonic siren and bed shaker were the cruelest ways to disrupt one's slumber.

Showing a small bit of mercy, the sellers are offering a version of the Squid Game alarm clock that plays the song, but cannot actually shoot, in addition to the full-ballistic Red Light, Green Light Doll.

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