Shock Clock Wake Up Trainer - Wearable Alarm Clock

Posted: June 17, 2019
Shock Clock Wake Up Trainer - Wearable Alarm Clock
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And you thought getting up in the morning could get any worse. The Shock Clock Wake Up Trainer is a wearable alarm clock that buzzes in a slightly different way to cajole you out of bed. Think less Bzzz, bzzz! followed by your groans and more Bzzzt, bzzzt! followed by your shriek of pain.

Yep, dudes, they made an alarm clock that shocks the sleep out of you.

The Shock Clock Wake Up Trainer comes from Pavlok, and is a variation on the company's first product, a shocking wristband designed to help wearers break bad habits. The alarm clock version delivers the same brand of electric zap, but here it's when you don't get out of bed at your self- / work- / wife-imposed wakeup time.

According to Pavlok, their wearable alarm clock is truly a trainer that helps your brain learn to wake up before getting shocked. The company says most users rarely even feel the shock because they begin naturally waking up in time to get up and turn the Shock Clock off (via its accompanying app.)

The Shock Clock includes 6 different wakeup modes - zap, beep, vibration, or combinations of all three - some of which obviously give you an out on the electric shock. Then again, you can also set the wristband to Multi-Zap if you oversleep regularly, plus control the intensity of the shock (plus beeps and vibrations) at 10% increments up to 100%.

If getting shocked just once a day isn't enough for you, why not integrate the Shock Clock into the rest of your life, wearing it all day long with various alarms set to drink water, work out, and call your mama?

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