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Posted: February 24, 2015
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If it's good enough for training the dog, it's good enough for training you. Pavlok thinks so anyway. And most people who were spanked as kids or repeatedly got hit in the face playing dodgeball would probably agree that the infliction of physical pain is a terrific teaching tool (stop mouthing off, stick to chess club). So the Pavlok bracelet, a wearable device that delivers a mild electric shock when you piss it off, might be your best bet for breaking some of your worst habits.

According to Pavlok's creators, studies show that receiving a shock--or some other form of uncomfortable physical punishment--activates humans' reptilian brains, which train them very quickly to stop doing whatever it was that caused the pain. With the Pavlok bracelet users can choose a bad habit they want to quit, such as smoking, nail biting, sleeping late, or over eating, and then set the Pavlok to start a "Self Shock" program.

At this stage (prototype, with a new version forthcoming) the program lasts for 5 days, during which the app walks wearers through various steps to breaking their selected bad habit...and then zaps the shit out of them when they screw up. Don't worry, the shock is allegedly safe, as well as adjustable, ranging from "'pin prick' to pretty friggin' strong."

Again, Pavlok is currently in its prototype stage, though still available to purchase for those eager to test the bracelet out. This version will: shock, vibrate, and beep on your wrist; connect to your phone via Bluetooth; and re-juice its buzz via an included mini USB. Those who would rather wait for the next gen Pavlok can preorder their bracelet, which will come with the companion app, likely include a strong water resistance rating, and have upgraded technology from the prototype.

August 2015 Update: Pavlok is set to release its full 1.0 version through Amazon on October 1, 2015.

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