pureAir SOLO Personal Space Air Purifier

Posted: August 14, 2020
pureAir SOLO Personal Space Air Purifier
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pureAir SOLO is careful to be careful about the claims it makes as a personal space air purifier, but it does drop the "virus" buzzword of 2020 a couple times. The around-the-neck wearable uses a platinum permanent emitter to produce an ion wind at 90ft / minute, which seller GreenTech says thwart VOCs, bacteria, allergens, viruses, and other foreign particulates from encroaching the air in your immediate vicinity.

Airplanes and other forms of public transportation have been obvious choices for places to wear devices like the pureAir SOLO for years now - I wrote up the AirTamer personal travel air purifier way back in the kinder times of 2013. Today, you might choose to wear one to work, the grocery store, out to dinner, to medical appointments, and to any type of gathering as well.

Also, in addition to nullifying harmful air hitchhikers, the pureAir SOLO can lessen or eliminate strong smells, such as others' perfumes and lotions, for people sensitive to odors.

The pureAir SOLO creates an approximate personal clean-air bubble of 4' during use. The rechargeable purifier's battery lasts around 24 hours before requiring a plug-in. It weighs 2.22 ounces and hangs at 2.95" x 1.94" x 0.67" around your neck like a fat nugget of gold. Hey. They should definitely make a version of the pureAir SOLO that I can add to my list of strange & unique products in gold.

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