Nintendo Zapper Laser

Posted: September 25, 2012

The days of old school Nintendo Zappers and Duck Hunt have come full circle. Except this time the Zapper is souped up with a 2W+ blue laser, and can blast real ducks. Or at least light paper ducks on fire. DIY extraordinaires North Street Labs disassembled the icon of their youth and retrofitted it with batteries, a driver, and a 445nm diode to produce the beams of burn and flame in the video above. And while the guys aren't selling their Zapper Laser, the North Street Labs Website does provide step-by-step instructions, complete with highly detailed follow-along photos, for aspiring wielders of NES accessories on steroids to use in their own retrofitting pursuits.

In addition to the laser components, Zapper modifications also require a housing, lens, key switch, wiring, and heat-sink. Assembly materials include the traditional Tool Man Taylor cache of hand tools, shrink wrap, solder, and a soldering iron. Note that the 2W+ laser is strong enough to damage ocular balls. North Street Labs stresses that gamers and pyros and anyone else interested in playing with Nintendo-tinged fire should always don protective eyewear when the Zapper in is use.

And speaking of rad, but essentially useless semi-dangerous weapons, have you seen the Blade Driver Crossbow?

Muchas danke to Obvious Winner.

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