NextMind - Control Technology with Your Brainwaves

Posted: December 31, 2020
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NextMind is a brain-sensing wearable that, no joke, allows you to control digital technology with your own brainwaves. A little mental focus equals decapitating the zombie with your chainsaw or swiping the loot from the castle. Changing slides and calling up images in your presentation. Switching your wife's episode of Bridgerton to Seinfeld reruns.

NextMind removes manual controllers and gamepads from your experience - or adds to them for an enhanced experience - using what the company calls Direct Brain Commands. While you may need to spend some time relaxing and honing your focus, the NextMind technology is made to be intuitive and relatively easy to use. The NextMind module, a pair of discs over a comb-shaped sensor that straps to the back of your head, takes less than a minute to calibrate. Once that's done you'll start to see discreet hints about which digital objects before you are mind-enabled, and your active focus will give you the power to mind-meld with them in real time.

At printing, NextMind had just released the developer kit for their brain-sensing wearable. Programmers and the mind control curious can experiment with neurotechnology using the kit's demo apps, and then expand it and build their own brain-enabled apps with NextMind's Unity SDK and tutorials.

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