Muse - Brain-Sensing Headband

Posted: September 21, 2014
Muse - Brain-Sensing Headband
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Headbands. They're not just for holding your hair back or making you look like Axl Rose anymore. In fact, Muse's headband can sense your brain. Or at least take its EEG readings, and use that information to help you learn to manage stress, stay calm, and stay focused.

Muse calls itself a "brain fitness tool". Rather than succumb to stress, distractions, and being a loser, the headband encourages its users to improve their physical, emotional, and cognitive health through series of short exercises on Muse's accompanying Calm app. Using 7 finely calibrated sensors the headband detects and measures brain activity, translates it (via Bluetooth) into real-time feedback on your Apple/Android tablet or smartphone, and then the Calm app creates either desirable or undesirable outcomes within the exercises.

A step-by-step example:

  1. Connect Muse using Bluetooth, put on the headband, and adjust it for fit.
  2. Launch the Calm app, close your eyes, and let Muse guide you through focused attention exercises. These can take as little as 3 minutes a day.
  3. Post-exercise, enter a beach environment where weather reflects the state of your brain. If your mind wanders, the weather will change.
  4. As you learn to keep the weather calm, you're actually learning the skill of keeping your mind calm and focused in stressful situations.
  5. Give Muse a sloppy, wet kiss for successfully completing its mission of teaching you how to behave like a productive, civilized adult who can memorize entire 300-page quarterly reports before 10 a.m. and sit through a whole episode of Downton Abbey without passing out.

Muse packages include the brain-sensing headband, the Calm app, and basic SDK for building your own mobile apps using open Muse technology. The headband has 5 hours of battery life, 7 sensors, 2 charging ports, and 5 LED lights.

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