Mk. III MegaBot - Piloted Battle Mech

Posted: August 05, 2017

MegaBots October 2017 Update: A couple months (years?) late, but the duel has an official stream date - October 17 at 10pm ET here on Twitch.

MegaBots says the duel is coming this month. August 2017. The Kuratas, a rideable battle mech from Suidobashi Heavy Industries of Japan vs. the Mk. III MegaBot, the United States' contribution to the world of giant robots, from MegaBots, Inc.

I wrote about the Kuratas in 2012, and according to MegaBots, they finished their first piloted fighting mech, the Mk. II, in the summer of 2015. It's taken 2 more years (and some crowdfunding) since then for MegaBots and Suidobashi to perfect their robots, training and grooming them into peak fighting form.

But now.

You think Mayweather vs. McGregor is going to be some shit to see? How about a 15-foot-tall, 12,000 pound piece of American metal slinging cannonball-sized paintballs at a 9,000-pound, 13-foot-tall Japanese ninja mech?

With a human pilot at its helm, the Mk. III MegaBot can hurl projectiles weighing up to 3 pounds at speeds of 120+ MPH. Kuratas can do the same. The battle will pit the two against one another, with hits shearing off armor panels and tearing off limbs, igniting sparks and smoke from the chassis, and eventually taking one of the mechs down. A total knockout, one robot left standing is the only way this fight will end.

At printing, MegaBots had not released a precise date for the Giant Robot Battle of the Century, and their response to, "Where's it at?" is, "We're not telling you." But, in a promo video they did say you'll be able to watch the action in full on the MegaBots and Suidobashi YouTube channels.

Do if you're interested in tracking details of the impending mech fight, or just want to follow the progress of the Mk. III MegaBot, head over to MegaBots, Inc. and sign up for their news and events notifications.

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