Iris Blanket Warmer with Shoe Dryer Attachment

Posted: November 01, 2020
Iris Blanket Warmer with Shoe Dryer Attachment
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The Iris Blanket Warmer might take away the chill of a cold house and getting into bed this winter, but beware: it's wandering expandable airflow hose is probably gonna goose ya here and there too. Warm Breeze = Wonderful. Warm Breeze + Little Plastic Poke at the Back Door = Weird. ... But maybe a little wonderful too.

Iris' multi-functional electric Blanket Warmer slides under blankets, bedspreads or sheets to warm them up either before you snuggle in, or to run continuously / on a timer to maintain preset temperature conditions while you're there. The device also has a setting to help eliminate dust mites.

An included attachment converts the Blanket Warmer into a shoe dryer, with two pegs for inserting into cold, damp shoes after you take them off, or before you put them on. If you run hot, or have a +1 to warm you up under the blankets, you can get a standalone electric shoe dryer for a fraction of the cost.

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