iMirror Interactive Glass

Posted: November 10, 2013

Like the Cybertecture Mirror from Tech2O, POSH View's iMirror seeks to bring the internet to a place the company says we spend over 168 hours, or 7 full days, every year: the looking glass.

Using apps similar to, and in the same way a smartphone or tablet does, the iMirror can do just about anything our SmartThings can as well, albeit with an emphasis on activities and information that would be logically paired with shaving, tooth brushing, hair styling, and other grooming rituals performed in front of a mirror. Check the day's weather. Wake up to some very good, or very bad, news with reports on stock, sports team, and fantasy league stats. Scroll through your schedule and receive updates on changes. Check email and social networks. Or, ladies and fashionable gentlemen, use the Wardrobe app to coordinate an outfit without trying anything on.

I think the iMirror also functions as a mirror. With additional apps for backlighting and brightness to facilitate primping efforts, and/or mimic the type of indoor/outdoor lighting users are primping to head into.

iMirror setup allegedly involves no more than plug in, connect via WiFi to internet, pass go, collect $200. Functionality is controlled via a multi-touch screen, hand gestures, or voice commands.

As a concept, I guess an internet mirror is a logical step in the march towards technology's domination of the human race. Why wouldn't I want to read my Facebook newsfeed or watch another video of a cat dive bombing a toddler while I sculpt my Movember mustache? But I'm not sure we're quite ready for the cost of buying an iMirror, if all we gain from owning one is another 168 hours a year online. We'll see soon enough though--the iMirror seeks Kickstarter funding through November 22, 2013. If successful, POSH View will turn their prototype into a full-scale production and fairest of them all reality.

June 2014 Update: While POSH iMirror funding was unsuccessful, its creators are still accepting inquiries from interested parties through the company's Website--follow the link below.

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