Cybertecture Mirror

Posted: April 02, 2012
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The Cybertecture Mirror allows us to gaze simultaneously upon the two things we like gazing upon best: the Internet and ourselves. A glass reflection of both beatific mugs, and streaming Web content, the futuristic mirror is almost eerie. Like a solid nudge towards Total Recall territory. Like kinda makes you wonder if maybe all that "road construction" isn't really the foundation for an atmospheric dome....

Designed for both residential and commercial spaces, the Cybertecture Mirror's smartphone- or remote-controlled surface is rife with bells and whistles. It broadcasts email, Facebook, Twitter, even television feeds. It displays weight and health stats, and is compatible with exercise tracking apps. And it greets its owners with basic date, time, weather, and stock updates every time they enter the john. Or the bedroom. Or the living room. With settings for photo slideshows and graphics displays, the Cybertecture Mirror even looks pretty slick as a piece of home decor.

UK company Tech2o distributes the mirror, but the Cybertecture Website is the place to visit for a definitive rundown of its numerous features and capabilities. In addition to the 32" x 20" mirror and remote control, the Cybertecture package includes a peripheral sensor pad that monitors health vitals, such as weight and heart rate, and beams them both to the mirror, and smartphone or computer applications. Cybertecture also has a dedicated online Application Farm.

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