Hapbee - On-Command Feelings Wearable

Posted: February 12, 2020
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On-command feelings. Hapbee is a wearable head or neck band that says it will let you control whether you feel calm, alert, focused, relaxed, or sleepy. Sounds great, huh? And would that it were true. Or rather, would that it were that simple.

Hapbee says it is "like a playlist for your feelings - with the ability to replicate dozens of different feelings by 'playing' predictable electromagnetic signals" through the band, in combination with a Hapbee app. The signals correspond to various feelings and sensations, so all you have to do is select one, and let the session o' feels begin.

One of Hapbee's big selling points is the technology allows you to alter and cherry pick your feelings without the use of drugs, chemicals, or other harmful substances. In other words, this one's for you, weed, legal CBD, Adderall, Xanax, and Ambien crowds! Hapbee also claims that once you end your session and remove the band, you'll be able to return to your previous, baseline state in minutes.

So, uh, just in time to lose your feelings of calm or alertness, and need another Hapbee fix? Good thing there are no addictive drugs in the mix here....

In all fairness, Hapbee probably isn't a bad or dangerous device. (Probably.) But though it claims it "stands alone in the industry of e-feelings," the idea doesn't sound that new. Remember the Muse brain-sensing headband?

Plus, more than a miracle piece of head / neckwear, Hapbee sounds like a meditative aid, a mild brainwave stimulator that helps you dial in to your mind so you can ultimately control your feelings yourself. And, really, "feelings" is a stretch. Calm, alert, focused, relaxed, and sleepy are more states of being than true feelings, such as happy, sad, angry, giddy, and, my favorite, winning.

If you want to try your feels with a Hapbee you can pledge for one on IndieGoGo through mid-March 2020.

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