Aranet4 HOME Wireless Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Posted: August 01, 2022
Aranet4 HOME Wireless Indoor Air Quality Monitor
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Drop a wad on the Aranet4 HOME wireless indoor air quality monitor to find out if you need to drop another wad on an Airmega smart air purifier. The Aranet4 HOME uses a non-dispersive infra-red sensor (NDIR) to measure CO2 concentration, along with additional sensors for temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure, precisely and in real-time. An e-ink display shows constant readings, along with a quick-glance color indicator that rates the air quality as good, average, or unhealthy.

If your home's CO2 concentration gets too high, the Aranet4 HOME emits visual and sound warnings, alerting you to GTFO. And maybe call the gas company. Or evacuate like the authorities have been telling you the past 3 days because you're in the path of a forest fire.

Or maybe you just live in a place where the air quality is crap, but you can't afford to move anywhere else, and the Aranet4 HOME will end up just giving you repeated bad news you can't do anything about, and make you feel as crappy as your air quality. Definitely I feel like that's what would happen if I got one.

In addition to being wireless, the Aranet4 HOME indoor air quality monitor is pretty small, a palm-sized block you can take with you to the office, classroom, hotels, and vacation rentals. A paired Aranet4 HOME app provides historical air quality data, plus lets you set alarms and sensor reading frequency.

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