YETI Tundra Haul Cooler

Posted: September 12, 2018
YETI Tundra Haul Cooler
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YETI is trying to drum up the fanfare for their new Tundra Haul Cooler, which they exalt as the company's First! Ever! to incorporate wheels. But all that does is make me wonder: why the slipped disc in my back didn't YETI coolers have wheels before? The YETI Tundra 105 weighs 33 pounds empty, which means it's going to weigh more than double that filled with beer and ice, which means, to this point, carrying one has almost always been a 2-person job.

A job I've shared with my friend Cornelius enough times to know it sucks because one person (Cornelius) always starts inching his side higher along the way to dump more of the load onto the other. A pair of wheels makes a way better co-pilot than another dude.

Based on Tundra cooling technology, the YETI Haul comes with NeverFlat wheels, made from a solid, single-piece tire construction that resists impact and puncture. Its empty weight is 37 pounds, with a capacity for 45 cans of beer (2:1 ice-to-can ratio) or 55 pounds of ice only. Sounds ready for the tailgate to me.

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