Xenomorph Tiki Mugs

Posted: March 01, 2017
Xenomorph Tiki Mugs
$28 - $42
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Mondo's Xenomorph Tiki Mugs are selling and going fast, having a 72-hour window on the black Hive mug's sales (ends Friday, March 3, 2017 at 12 noon CT) and a complete sellout on the limited edition (200) Acid Blood xenomorph already. The company's first go-'round of the Alien-saluting ceramic drinkware is actually the second in their "Tee-kis" collection--previously they had a Gremlins theme and Iron Giant is said to be up next. Mondo also says it will release additional Xeno Tee-kis down the line. Maybe alongside Alien: Covenant's May 19, 2017 theater release.

The Acid Blood Xenomorph Tiki Mug has a dark green finish, while the Hive variant has a matte black finish with silver teeth and nails, and a green interior. The blue alien is...blue.

Xenomorph Tiki Mugs were designed by Michael Bonanno, Tom Thordason, and Tiki Farm. Each is hand-glazed and stands 8" tall to hold up to 16 fluid ounces.

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