Viski Cigar Flask

Posted: January 09, 2023
Viski Cigar Flask
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Looks like Viski's Cigar Flask can hold one 54-gauge cigar, and one...tiny sip of liquor. OK, 2 ounces of liquor - Scotch if you're following the rules of cigar-and-booze consumption - so basically a shot.


I guess that's OK if you need a gift for Dad post the doctor telling him he should cut back on the drinking. Or maybe a gift for a man who will be partaking in the Viski Cigar Flask on his lunch break. But for a strapping dude with a voracious thirst like myself? Why not just attach the cigar holder to an 8-ounce flask you can really get some mileage out of? Sure, the result would be a larger hunk of stainless steel, but still more portable than a bottle and a humidor. And even at 1.75" wide x 8.25" long, the Viski Cigar Flask isn't really compact enough to carry in my pants pocket, so I'd gladly take the extra bulk for some extra booze.

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