Venn Diagram Serving Platter

Posted: June 20, 2015
Venn Diagram Serving Platter
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They say you can use a Venn diagram to solve logic and reasoning puzzles, such as: Half of all Clinks are Clunks, half of all Rattles are Bangs, and half of all Rattles are Clunks. Considering the limited information above, which of the following could not be true?

  1. Half of all Clunks are Bangs
  2. All of the following are correct
  3. All Clinks are Rattles
  4. All Rattles are Clinks with no Clinks being Bangs

But I would much rather use a Venn diagram to eat some Juanita's crack tortilla chips and guacamole. Thank you, Thomas Both, for making my preferred application of the problem solver possible. Tucson artist Both has combined a pair of circular, glazed stoneware plates into a trio of serving sections for your next party or personal pig out night. Make the Venn arrangement of the dish look even cooler with the addition of colorful vegetables and dips. Or just fill all three segments with queso and hand me, my friend Cornelius, and my friend Victor a few straws.

Oh, you want to know the answer to the Clink & Clunk puzzle? Well, they say here it's #3. But if that's the case, that the statement "All Clinks are Rattles" cannot be true, then wouldn't it also be impossible for #2, "All of the following are correct" to be true? I don't know, maybe I'm just mind F'ing myself, but it seems like a very poorly worded question.

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