Vegas-Style Flashing Food Toppers

Posted: July 13, 2019
Flashing Food Toppers
$3.64 - $8.38
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Flashing Food Toppers? Psshh, no way. Why waste a vintage Vegas-style neon "Eat Me" on a chocolate cake when I can attach it to my belt buckle? Or "Happy Birthday" on confetti cupcakes when She-Ra: Princess of Power keeps asking me what I want for mine this year, and the answer is her naked wearing a flashing "Happy Birthday" sign?

Flashing Food Toppers come in 4 styles with 4 meaningful messages for your special occasions (or Sunday Fundays, or boring Monday nights): "Happy Birthday"; "Eat Me"; "Drink Me" classic Las Vegas-style; and "Drink Me" tropical / parrot / Jimmy Buffett-style. "Happy Birthday" and "Eat Me" have toothpick bottoms for poking into your desired medium, and the "Drink Me" toppers have a band or clip for slipping over bottle necks or attaching to glasses.

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