Uno Casa Double Pie Iron Campfire Cooker

Posted: July 24, 2023
Uno Casa Double Pie Iron Campfire Cooker
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Most people will use the Uno Casa Double Pie Iron to make sandwiches, skillet breakfasts, and grilled sausages and kababs over the open flames of a campfire. But what I would really like someone (ahem, Mama) to do is stay true to its name, and use the Double Pie Iron to make me some pies. It doesn't even have to be over a fire pit - this little cast iron cooker can do its job over all types of cooktops, and in the oven. Uno Casa even includes a pair of handles that are 2 different lengths, 13.8" and 21.6", and the option not to use either of them, further increasing the Double Pie Iron's versatility, and further decreasing the number of excuses not to make me some Double Pie Iron Peach Pies and Blackberry Cobblers.

Uno Casa says the Double Pie Iron is also double the average size, and lined with a grill grid they deem "flavor-enhancing." And, similar to YETI's claim about their Cast Iron Skillet, Uno Casa maintains that if you take good care of your Double Pie Iron the campfire cooker will last for generations, and become a family heirloom.

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