Ultrasonic Beer Can Foamer

Posted: October 03, 2018
Ultrasonic Beer Can Foamer

I guess the question isn't so much does this Ultrasonic Beer Can Foamer work as it is, presuming it does work, is there any part of you that wants an Ultrasonic Beer Can Foamer? Even as a gag or novelty gift, the battery-operated beer can attachment has "Goodwill Pile" written all over it.

Yeah. I bought one for my Uncle Joe. He drinks, like, 12 cans of Busch a day, and I'm pretty sure his only other interest is porn. The last time I went that route my Aunt Jan hit me with her shoe. It was one of those fat orthopedic ones with the velcro straps too.

This Ultrasonic Beer Can Foamer fits over an open can of beer - standard, shortie, or tallboy - uses 2 x AA batteries to suds up a head on top. It then releases both brew and foam through a pour spout on the gadget's end.

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