uKeg Twist Portable Seltzer Maker & Dispenser

Posted: March 29, 2022
uKeg Twist Portable Seltzer Maker & Dispenser
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Leave the 6-pack of White Claw at home, and enjoy your hard seltzer homemade and straight from the source with the uKeg Twist Seltzer Maker. Available in 24- and 36-ounce sizes, GrowlerWerks' fizzy drink maker looks like an insulated water bottle - and, indeed, it keeps your cold drinks cold - but has the added "circuitry" of a portable, instant carbonation system built inside.

The uKeg Twist Seltzer Maker's cap and insert design has a tube that holds an 8-gram, food-grade CO2 cartridge. Its carbonation is released by a regulator cap that covers it, and the process of you the bottle per Outkast's instructions. What exactly you turn to seltzer is entirely up to you. Fruit juice, or one of GrowlerWerks' custom Flavor Drops, and water. Whiskey and lemonade. Vodka and Berry Blue Kool-Aid. It's up to you, you sparkling mixologists!

The uKeg Twist Seltzer Maker comes in 6 colors.

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