Trinken Contoured Carbon Fiber Hip Flask

Posted: September 28, 2020
Contoured Carbon Fiber Hip Flask
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It's another Trinken to facilitate drinken. The Trinken Contoured Carbon Fiber Hip Flask is made to feel as good in your pocket as it looks tipped to your mouth. The flask's carbon fiber construction and curved design keep it strong, lightweight, and low-profile when hidden away. Free of any metal, the Trinken flask can also dodge the prying sensors of metal detectors.

Out and about the Carbon Fiber Hip Flask looks tall, dark, and handsome...well, maybe squat, dark, and handsome...in your hand. No need to find a funnel when you need a refill either; the flask has a tapered spout that fits into the end of standard liquor bottles for pouring.

Trinken Contoured Carbon Fiber Hip Flasks are handmade in Vancouver, BC, and when I call them another Trinken to facilitate drinken, I'm referring to the company's expanded line of fun and sneaky drinkware. Check out their original booze brainchild, Trinken Lids, covert beer koozies that look like to-go coffee cup lids.

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