Trinken Beer Mat - Yoga Mat 6-Pack Carrier

Posted: July 30, 2018
Trinken Beer Mat - Yoga Mat 6-Pack Carrier
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Trinken Beer Mats come to us from forth the same devious minds that developed Lolo Lid covert beer koozies. Now instead of - or in addition to - using a disposable coffee cup and lid to hide your can of Bud, you have the option of stashing an entire 6-pack of them inside a cleverly repurposed yoga mat.

Trinket Beer Mats are handmade from real recycled (upcycled!) PVC yoga mats wrapped around a hard insulated tube. A false end opens and closes to release the cans, and Trinken says this 6-pack pipe can keep beers cold for hours. The Trinken Beer Mat comes with a slip-on carrying strap to further authenticate the just-totin'-a-yoga-mat effect for beach, park, festival, and dry yoga retreat goers the world over.

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