Top It Germ-Thwarting Cake Shield

Posted: September 10, 2020
Top It Cake Shield
$4.99 - $14.99
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Seems like the Top It Cake Shield and I have differing opinions on the perfect slice of birthday cake. See, I believe no slice of birthday cake is complete without a spit shower of sprinkles on top, delivered, of course, courtesy of the birthday boy or girl blowing out the candles. But the Top It Cake Shield seeks to banish this toothsome and trademark finishing touch by enveloping the edible celebration in an impenetrable plastic house! All in the name of thwarting germs!

Sigh. Looks like the days of having our cake and eating its saliva topping too are coming to an end.

The Top It Cake Shield is a food-safe, flame-resistant cover for rectangular, round, and single slices of cake. It is designed to allow for candle insertion in its own plastic cover rather than the cake itself, keeping any flying spit, which is both gross and potentially germ-infested, at bay. The Top It is obviously of particular interest during these global pandemic days of aerosol infection, but I'm sure the doctor-invented cake shield will still have its place amongst parents and the germ-averse even once COVID concerns aren't so prevalent.

Though the whole idea and need for the Top It comes off less like a party gift than a party pooper gift, at least the shield is completely transparent so you can still see the beautiful (or lopsided disaster of a) cake inside. In other words, a Top It won't completely ruin a birthday's candle-blowing moment, or the photos and videos accompanying it.

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