Posted: January 06, 2014
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Now when you say "ToastyMUG," Sabrina Fossi, do you really mean toasty? Like, warm and soul-soothing? Or do you actually mean scorching and my choice of second degree finger burns or dropping the mug and spilling its steaming contents onto the next nearest body part? Because sometimes ceramic is a better conductor of heat than the liquid it surrounds and I'm not seeing any outer handles or alternatives to putting this ToastyMUG on my hands like a pair of mittens. A pair of mittens filled with aromatic boiling water.

However, if she could guarantee a maximum temperature threshold, then Fossi's ToastyMUG design would be an appealing one. It's clever either way and, as the Italian designer herself points out, "makes you say DUH!" Like this: DUH! Why has no one previously made an ergonomic mug that envelops the drinker's hands in its hot beverage warmth? Maybe caffeine fiends needed alcohol fiends' built-in koozie glove to give them the idea.

ToastyMUGs are handmade in the Ceramic District of Montelupo, a small town near Florence. Someone tried to steal my wallet in Florence once. I kicked him in the nuts.

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