Titanium Toothpick Set

Posted: November 08, 2018
Titanium Toothpick Set
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Have you found it too difficult to draw blood and impale your gums picking your teeth with weak ass wood toothpicks? Titanium is the answer! These titanium toothpicks from Kizer are 100% solid, strong, and super-pointy titanium construction. They're even smithed with enlarged handles so you can get a good grip before going in for the attack.

Sold as a pair, the titanium toothpicks also come with a waterproof aluminum capsule so you can take the reusable gum gougers with you anywhere you go. Or wrap them up pretty as a gift for Dad. Especially if you have the kind of Dad who's into oral hygiene and who, when you were a kid gushing blood or showing him a bone pointing in the wrong direction, would always slap you on the back and tell you whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Touche, old man. Titanium toothpick?

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