Thermo-ring Heated Ice Cream Scoop

Posted: September 10, 2015
Thermo-ring Heated Ice Cream Scoop
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Don't you consider breaking a sweat and popping a blood vessel in your arm part of the ice cream scooping experience? So that 35 minutes later, when you're finally able to sit down and eat your bowl of Moose Tracks, you really feel like you've earned it? No? Me neither. ScoopTHAT! says effTHAT! too.

The company's Scoop II, an improvement upon their original facilitator of ice cream relocation, comes with groundbreaking--or at least frozen-dairy-penetrating--thermo-ring technology. Its scooping edges are encircled with a ring that absorbs heat transferred from a biodegradable, self-replenishing liquid pooled in the scoop's handle. That is, you hold onto the handle and direct the liquid towards the scoop head, the liquid moves through interior channels to heat up the thermo-ring, and the thermo-ring then heats up the surface of your ice cream just enough to make forming your perfect globe of dairy as easy as eating a giant bowl of it is.

The scoop head also has an additional coating that allows scooped ice cream to fall right out when turned over, but won't melt it during scooping.

If all of these principles of heat conduction and making it easier to gorge on unhealthy foods sounds familiar, it's because THAT! Inventions is also responsible for the SpreadTHAT! butter knife you may have seen around here last year.

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