The Money Cake - Cash-Filled Cake Topper

Posted: March 24, 2021
The Money Cake - Cash-Filled Cake Topper
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A fat wad of dough in your birthday cake might not sound appealing at first. But if we're talking double chocolate fudge filled with nuggets of suspended double chocolate cookie dough, or as we see here, a frosted treat whose secret center holds a pull-out garland of 50 bills o' cash, well. That kind of dough cake would be money. Or, in the case of the latter, a Money Cake.

For birthdays, weddings, graduations, or any cake-worthy event, Money Cake kits provide a way to spruce up the celebratory centerpiece, and deliver a surprise gift that creates a fun spectacle for the honoree and guests alike. The plastic boxes store spools of 50 connected pockets, each sized to hold pieces of paper currency, special messages, or perhaps, if you're going to Money Cake up a gift for a man like myself, coupons for special favors.

Money Cake containers implant in your finished, preferably undecorated cake. You'll have to cut out a hole through the center to fit it (shucks, guess you'll have to eat that hunk) and then add frosting so everything but the cake topper is covered. Money Cake cake toppers come in 3 styles: Happy Birthday; Congrats Grad; and with a simple alligator clip to hold a card or homemade wishes of your choosing.

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