The Mighty Carver - Electric Chainsaw Carving Knife

Posted: November 01, 2019
The Mighty Carver - Electric Chainsaw Carving Knife
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With the Mighty Carver, you can go from carving up the neighbors on Halloween to carving up the turkey on Thanksgiving without even taking a beat to swap tools! Really!

No, not really. The Mighty Carver is a chainsaw in looks alone. In function it is an electric carving knife for your turkeys and roasts that creator Kimberly Burney fashioned after a power tool for a very deliberate, and I think pretty good reason: she hoped it would entice the men in her family, who loved trimming limbs and cutting up logs in the yard, to volunteer when she asked who wants to carve the turkey.

The Mighty Carver features surgical-grade stainless steel blades with machine-cut serrated edges. Give this beauty as a gift to Dad, and in addition to turkeys and other cooked meats, he can also chainsaw his way through bread, melons, and pineapple for a power(tool)ful effect at the table. The Mighty Carver is 19" long and plugs in for use with a 110V cord.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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