The Ice Cream Canteen - Vacuum Insulated Pint Container

Posted: August 07, 2019
The Ice Cream Canteen - Vacuum Insulated Pint Container
$35 - $39
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If the Ice Cream Canteen can really vacuum-insulate pints of mint chip and Phish Food for hours on the go, then I'll scream, you'll scream, we'll all scream for ice cream like never before. Ben & Jerry's at the summit of a hike. Haagen-Dazs in a hammock by the lake. Halo Top at the beach, keepin' the beach bod in check, on a hot summer day.

The Ice Cream Canteen says its the first of its kind, an insulated stainless steel koozie sized to fit standard pints of ice cream, and keep them frozen outside of the freezer for a few. Longer if you have a cooler you can drop your loaded Canteen inside. In addition to travel-friendly pints, the Ice Cream Canteen is also designed for home use. All you frozen treat fiends who eat straight from the cardboard container, now you can keep your mint chip cold, your hands warm, and your furniture free of condensation.

The Ice Cream Canteen is seeking Kickstarter funding through August 22, 2019; there you can pledge for a koozie in colors Stainless Steel, Mint Chip, and Coconut. Ice Cream Canteens are designed to fit all 14- and 16-ounce paper pints, and can keep your treat frozen for up to 4 hours on its own, or 8 hours in a cooler.

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