The Frank Crank Campfire Rotisserie Roasting Stick

Posted: May 17, 2019
The Frank Crank Campfire Rotisserie Roasting Stick
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The Frank Crank acts as your own personal rotisserie...for marshmallows! And hot dogs! And kebabs! Anything you can skewer through its pointy ends and dangle over your campfire.

A knob at the end of the Frank Crank handle controls its cranking function - twist the knob to turn your food rotisserie-style instead of rotating the rod itself, and risking a runaway hunk of meat, veg, or toasted pillow of sugar. The Frank Crank design also reduces the risk of charring your food, or cooking it unevenly. Dudes, it's time to take control of your campfire cuisine!

And PS: don't forget the Stuffed Puffs chocolate filled marshmallows for your first Frank Crank test run.

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