The Forktula

Posted: February 04, 2018
The Forktula
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Forktula, where were you last week when I got the stink-eye for licking mushroom sauce off my plate at a Chicago steak house? (I couldn't not do it! That sauce was deee-licious. And expensive. Leaving it would have wasted, like, $12.) Using a miniature spatula for my fork instead of my big ol' cow tongue* to clean up would have saved me a lot of looks, and a night's worth of 'splaining to my fiancee.

The Forktula solves a problem the fork alone has no hope to, the spoon can only handle in bowl situations, and the knife is sort of capable of, but not really, and anyway, you're not supposed to lick your knife. Both for etiquette and tongue slicing reasons. The food grade silicone Forktula slips over two outer tines of any standard fork, and enables you to squeegee up and savor every last drop of sauce, syrup, or other runny goodness on your plate.

No more will you try to fork up the last of the marinara and Alfredo in futility, watching in desolation as it runs right back out through the prongs. No more will you pick up a spoon in vain, going for a scoop-up that proves to be only smear-around (check out the video for proof). Gluttons, the Forktula is here for you! Cheapskates, the Forktula is here for you! Parents who F'ing mean business when you tell your kids to clean their plates, the Forktula is here for you! And it sells in packs of 4!

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*Yes, I did remind her that sometimes she's more than happy for me to bring out my big ol' cow tongue.

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