The Deer Bong

Posted: September 06, 2019
The Deer Bong
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Oh beer, where'd I put my deer bong? Whoops! I mean, oh dear, where'd I put my...hey, on second thought...

Nah, a slip of the tongue isn't the story behind the creation of the Deer Bong, a 5-point antler replica designed to hold over 16 ounces of brew for the chuggin'. Actually, it's a little better than that: Deer Bongs creators were at a cousin's wedding whose table decorations included big plastic antlers (my kind of wedding!) Antlers, to be specific, with a hole in them. How many drinks did it take to repurpose the centerpieces?

My guess is not even one.

The Deer Bong in its current iteration has come a long way from wedding decor. For one, it has 2 holes in to facilitate the beer pouring and bonging - one's your entry hole, the other your vent. It is also large enough to hold a full bottle / can of beer, and then some. The double punctures also make it possible to drink out of either end of the Deer Bong, and dudes who prefer sipping their beers like proper ladies might also use one like they would a Das Horn or other viking horn-style drinking chalice.

As we head into fall, college partying, and tailgate season, sportsmen of the drinking world can hunt down Deer Bongs singly, or in packs of up to 12. Keep them on hand for winter too, when you'll be able to tie a red ribbon 'round the antlers and turn your Deer Bong into a Reindeer Bong for Christmas.

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