The Deep Freeze 6-Pack Ice Mold

Posted: December 30, 2018
The Deep Freeze 6-Pack Ice Mold
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Sure, in January you can just sit your 6-packs on the porch, or possibly embed them in the backyard's 3 feet of snow, but after the thaw, when summer comes again, Trinken's Deep Freeze 6-pack ice mold could be the star of your party, Sunday afternoon, and 5 o'clock somewhere.

This 6-pack-strong mold freezes water into a block of ice koozies sized to hold and chill 12- and 16-ounce beer or sodie cans, and most bottles. In addition to keeping your cold ones cold, the Deep Freeze makes for a fine presentation of your Old Milwaukee when the boys come over to watch the NFL playoffs.

The Deep Freeze 6-pack ice mold comes with a metal ring and 6 inserts to ensure even freezing and easy dislodging from the silicone holder.

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