The Crushboard Portable Beer Can Crushing Mat

Posted: November 03, 2021
The Crushboard Portable Beer Can Crushing Mat
$7.99 - $12.99
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Crushing an empty beer can on your head may be a real crowd-pleaser, but if you're unsuccessful...enjoy the memes and viral videos. And the concussion. But stomping on empty cans to crush them, now that has a much higher probability of repeated success, plus is an activity that almost everyone can partake in and enjoy. And the Crushboard is a portable beer (or sodie) can crushing mat here to make sure you crush your can-crushing pursuits every single time.

Ye with Sasquatch feet rejoice, because Crushboards are built just for stomping, constructed with thick foam, a non-slip rubber base, and a can-sized center cutout. You can use them on boats, decks, patios, docks, campsites, tailgate parking lots, anywhere a large quantity of aluminum cans and testosterone are present.

Crushboards protect the surfaces underneath them from dings and scratches, and provide a satisfying way to send the latest Bud Light (or Mountain Dew) you polished off in 8 seconds flat to the recycling bin. The Crushboard line includes a handful of party-ready designs, as well as a Crushboard Mini sized to toss in your cooler on the go.

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