The Champagne Gun

Posted: March 17, 2016
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Bubbles not bullets. Whether you're a child of the flowers or a child of the second amendment, I think we can agree: the Champagne Gun speaks to all of us.

This new Miami (of course) release from French Company Extra-Night attaches a magnum--and only a magnum--of sparkling wine to a machine-gun shaped sprayer that fires shots, or full-on-pimp-daddy-style dousings, of fine bubbles up to 23' feet into the air, across the room, and down the hatch. The club scene just wet itself.

Champagne Guns come in Gold, Chrome, and Rose Gold finishes, and also include an attachment that allows you to just pour the bubbles like a boring person. Non-boring people will load up their $150 magnums of Veuve Clicquot and unleash them Super Soaker-style like the footloose and fancy-free Euros in the video. Who's on a boat now, bitch?

Muchas danke to Eater.

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