The Chambong

Posted: March 26, 2016
The Chambong
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The Chambong is an elegant glass vessel used for the "rapid and enhanced" (and elegant!) consumption of sparkling wine. Just mind the bubbles, whose population density in champers is apparently, like, 4 times what it is in beer, as evidenced by an experience I had with my ex-girlfriend Karen in which we were at a fine dining restaurant and I attempted to down an entire glass of Moet before storming out in hurt and anger over her heartless words, but instead ended up choking and convulsing and gripping my throat croaking, "It burns! It burns!"

The Chambong holds 6 ounces of your favorite effervescent grapes between its high borosilicate glass walls. Dishwasher-safe high borosilicate glass walls, in case someone similar to myself taking a turn can't stand the fizz, and ends up slobbering and coughing as much back into the Chambong as they just sucked out of it.

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