Tespo Liquid Vitamin Dispenser

Posted: December 20, 2016
Tespo Liquid Vitamin Dispenser

While I wouldn't exactly be stoked to find a Tespo Dispenser of liquid vitamins under the tree this year, I'm sure I'd appreciate having it alongside my Pedialyte and Advil on the morning of New Year's Day. A fast-absorbing cocktail of B-vitamins and caffeine that doesn't come in bitter horse pill form? Yeah, my impending hangover likes the sound of that.

Instead of bottles and capsules, the countertop Tespo Dispenser creates liquid vitamin shots in about 45 seconds from replaceable vitamin Discs. Each Disc contains 31 servings, and the machine rotates through them automatically, dispensing the day's worth of powdered power mixed with 1-1/2 ounces of water into a Tespo Cup when you push the button. Vitamins contain only active ingredients, and are free of binders, sugar, artificial colors, and sweeteners, but try to avoid tasting like ass with natural citric acid and Stevia extract.

Tespo Discs come in a few different vitamin combos, including men's and women's Essential Multivitamins, a caffeinated Energy concoction, a Sleep formula, and a boosting Focus mixture. Discs are all sold separately, and Tespo will recycle the empties for you, as well as provide free return shipping labels to send them back.

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