Taco Toaster

Posted: January 22, 2015
Taco Toaster
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Yo quiero some Super Bowl Sunday carne asada tacos! And not the ones from Taco Bell. I'd like to spend my second half glued to the TV instead of the john this year. Also, I would like 12 lovingly constructed tacos total, 3 per quarter, progressing from soft flour to soft corn to hard flour to hard corn tortillas. It will be a masterfully-orchestrated display of mathematics and gorging. And put away the masa and deep fryer and complex wand baskets, Mama. Nostalgia Electrics is going to make all of this pillow-pillow-shell-shell taco encasement possible with a simple toaster.

Step 1: Buy a pack of standard flour or corn tortillas for the softie-lovers to gum on. Step 2: Fold a second pack of the same discs over the Taco Toaster's forming cages and slide them into the double wide slots. Step 3: Behold the magic as they transform to crisp shells in minutes, garnering bellows of admiration and Gronk spikes from your hard shell taco fans.

The Taco Toaster is easy to use, mess-free, and eliminates the need to stink up your kitchen and clog up your arteries with the deep fryer. Taco shell doneness settings allow for self-determined crispness as well.

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