Supersized Ice Pop Bags

Posted: July 26, 2014
Supersized Popsicle Bags
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Who wants some genetically modified Fla-Vor-Ice? You know, push popsicles raised in a freezer that treats its snacks with growth hormones. Yeah, OK, fine. They're just supersized because their fruit juice/yogurt/smoothie embryos got dumped into ginormous FRIOPOP bags.

But even if they were scientific freaks of nature, I'd still eat these ice pops up like that 3-headed chicken Cornelius dared me to fry into nuggets last week. Mmmm, the disposable plastic bags freeze up to 6 ounces of summertime refreshment. Cherry Kool-Aid for the kids; vodka & OJ for their parents.

FRIOPOP packs come with 100 non-stick plastic bags made of 100% virgin LDPE resin (approved by FDA/USDA for food contact). Bag bottoms have been sealed to prevent leakage, and the tops can be secured with a simple knot prior to freezing. Reviewers recommend making great big Otter Pops out of leftover smoothie, coffee drinks, chocolate milk, and pickle juice. The last one is for the kid who's misbehaved or said a dirty word and needs to get his mouth washed out with pickle juice. Chunks of fruit, chocolate, or dills can also be added with liquid to the bags prior to freezing.

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