SubSafe Sub Sandwich Container

Posted: September 11, 2020
SubSafe Sub Sandwich Container
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Think of the SubSafe sub sandwich container - or hoagie, grinder, hero, po' boy, whatever your regional dialect dictates container - as a sammy condom. It encapsulates your lunch so you can stick it in a bag or cooler, or whip it out on a boat, without worrying the sub will contract an STD.

Soggy. Torn up. Or dried out.

Made of BPA-free plastic with a threaded silicone seal at the lid, the SubSafe provides a waterproof and crushproof housing for tubular sandwiches between 6" and 12" long. Use it on picnics and tailgates, use it on fishing and kayaking trips to keep your sandwich fresh and intact until you're ready to eat it.

The SubSafe can also double as a cup, wine bottle protector, cocktail shaker, or dry storage for your phone and other valuables. And if it ends up in the water, as long as it's closed the container floats.

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