Stroodles Biodegradable Pasta Straws

Posted: October 08, 2019
Stroodles Biodegradable Pasta Straws
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Sometimes when you've got problems that are real noodle bakers - preserving the environment, slowing climate change, reducing waste - the simple act of baking noodles can help solve them. Stroodles are biodegradable drinking straws made out of pasta.

Yep, the kind made of flour and water that you typically scarf down after burying under a vat of Alfredo sauce, except now you can use it to suck up the Alfredo sauce all by itself instead. Well, presuming you like cold Alfredo sauce.

Stroodles hollowed-out noodle drinking straws are each 9" to 10" long and 1/3" in diameter, with a wall thickness of 1mm. They are best suited for submersion in cold drinks and sodies, such as cocktails and Coke, OJ and milkshakes. Used in this manner, Stroodles will hold their shape for over an hour without getting soggy or soiled. When you're done with one, toss it in the compost, or eat it you're really into the al dente.

Sure, in hot drinks Stroodles go all-out noodle, but so do most plastic straws, and anyway, how many people really drink coffee and tea from a straw?

Stroodles are made of exactly 2 ingredients: water; and Italian durum wheat semolina. Their maker, Mr. Stroodle, says they have no distinct taste themselves, and won't affect the flavor of your drink. The best part is that they decompose in just a day, versus paper that takes at least a month, and plastic that takes 'til the end of time.

Oh, the other best part is that "Stroodle" is a fun word to say and think about (unlike these horrible, ugly words) and will also remind you of a delicious fruit dessert every time you use one.

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